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Hatch Kennedy

We asked Bernie Sanders to debate Lindsey Graham. Who will win? America.

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The Hatch-Kennedy model of policymaking provides an essential lesson for today’s officeholders: Republicans and Democrats don’t need to leave their political beliefs at the door to reach historic compromises…This is the animating ethos behind The Senate Project – a groundbreaking debate series launched by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, the Orrin G. Hatch Foundation and the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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Leading The Charge

Leading the Charge

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The new Nantucket Cottage Hospital was debt-free and financed entirely through private donations—not a penny of taxpayer dollars was used. It was an achievement unprecedented on Nantucket Island. Among the many donors, small and large, one couple stands out as having led the charge: Bruce and Elisabeth Percelay.

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Inspired Living

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