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Bruce Percelay named one of the 150 Most Influential Bostonians

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The successful developer and N Magazine publisher is publicly flexing his muscle more than ever. Worried about the city’s direction, he’s working to bridge the divide between City Hall and those in the business community. Worried about the very survival of American democracy in an age of unprecedented partisanship, there he is, launching initiatives aimed at reducing tensions in the U.S. Senate as chairman of the board at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.

Can the Edward M. Kennedy Institute Save Democracy?

Forget the past—the pandemic is over, and Boston is shuttling toward the future. So who’s steering the ship in this brave new world? Buckle up, because influence is shifting. Today and in the future, building giant office towers may not be as important as creating affordable housing. And getting the T to run on time might (finally) be more important than a championship season.

Enter the power duo: Governor Maura Healey and Mayor Michelle Wu. These two women are leading the charge, and they’re at the top of this year’s list of the 150 most influential Bostonians. Why? Because if Boston is going to be a more affordable, prosperous, fun, and equitable city, all of our futures hinge on their every decision. But they’re hardly alone.

This year, our list features a kaleidoscope of Bostonians, some well-known, others hidden gems. They hail from government, science, finance, healthcare, education, entertainment, and everywhere in between. And they’re all playing a part in shaping a new and vibrant Boston. So love ’em or hate ’em, these rankings are sure (we hope!) to stir the pot. After all, everyone’s got their own definition of influential. Is it the movers and shakers behind the scenes? The folks fighting in the streets? Maybe it’s the community leader making your neighborhood a better place. Influence comes in all shapes and sizes, and this year’s list is just a starting point—let the debates begin! —David Bernstein