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8 Hotels Perfect for Group Travel in 8 Major Cities

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Major cities are hubs for culture, cuisine, and nightlife meant to be shared with all your favorite people. Yet, if you want to plan a group trip, it can be difficult to find a place for everyone to stay that feels cohesive, safe, and convenient.

Airbnbs can be hit or miss, and a block of hotel rooms can feel disconnected—both from your fellow travelers and the local experience. But identifying a well-situated and well-priced city setup has recently gotten considerably easier in certain cities, though you may not have heard of some of the better options.

“About 10% of our customers are what we would consider ‘friend trips,’” says Nitesh Gandhi, who in 2016 founded Locale, a hospitality group that furnishes high-end apartment-hotels in luxury residential buildings. “There’s definitely some education that can be done to let people know that this kind of accommodation exists.”

Boutique and apartment-hotels are increasingly courting larger groups of travelers, from families to groups of friends. Here, a few hotels that serve groups stylishly and affordably, making a city break that much more accessible for you and your crew...

The Revolution Hotel

Boston, Massachusetts

The Revolution Hotel is an ode to its home city with design details, amenities, and commissioned artworks that celebrate Boston’s legacy as a hub for innovation. Corridors are carpeted with illustrations of historical figures like Paul Revere and Malcolm X, rooms are kitted out with luxe textiles and toiletries produced locally, and a three-story sculpture featuring objects invented in the region—like Converse sneakers, basketballs, and typewriters—towers in the lobby.

A significant proportion of the hotel’s rooms are triples and quads with access to a set of private bathrooms down the hall (rather than a single ensuite) making simultaneous showers a non-issue, and a colorful co-working space in the basement doubles as a games (and pre-game!) area in the evenings.

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